Wednesday, October 19, 2011

- New Thing... -

Blog yang dah bersawang...!!!~~~~~

Bila dah keje ni lagi la takde masa nak update. Nak update apa pun tak tau la...Maybe ada cite sikit nak share..I like my work place! Yes! Don't know why...Maybe because I can meet different people from different country, different races and different culture...FUN! Besides, I also got new friends...Malay, Chinese, Indian and also from other country..I hope I can learn fast and be FTE (Permanent Employee) here.


Everyday become more challenging! Everyday I must face with everyone in order to solve the problem. I have to support my team and help others. We have to support each other to achieve our goal! Customer come first! That's our motto... Hope Everyday will be good day for me..=)